Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sorry for the Delay

Soooo... I owe you guys a post...and an apology for not posting for over a week. Consistency is the name of the game! But like every good Kenyan I have a great excuse for my shortcoming, and someone to blame...Zuku! Yes Zuku, my internet provider, has let me down these past 3 nights. I get home and the network is down...tsk tsk. So I have not been able to post and also the dog ate my network cable...(too much? Let's stick to it's Zuku's fault!)

I got to the office early today and i'm typing this out quickly before official work hours begin so that I don't feel like I'm robbing my employer (Little Miss Responsible). If anyone is reading this from Zuku, please help! Your customer service keeps me on hold till my airtime runs out!

Anywho I promise to put something up really soon. Now to clean up the paper trail (ps that's a bad hint about what the next project is on).

On a very separate note how AWESOME was the Just a Band album launch! Sorry for the Delay is a great album...need to buy one (insert sheepish look...I know, shame on me for not already owning one...public flogging scheduled at 9).

 Ps do you really think sheep look sheepish? Let's take a poll.



First of all, you took the time to read this...now you are commenting?!!! You are awesome!