Monday, 22 October 2012

Emotional Rollercoaster...from YES!!! to Oh No!

This  post started of as the 'The Proposal'...and yes, it was going to be about how Mr. Right proposed (it was perfect by the way) and talk about cool ways people have proposed in the past... But it kinda took on a life of it's own. That might be influenced by the fact that today I went to the salon for the first time in over a month to 'treat' my hair and discovered I didn't have enough money for both the hair and my fair home (a fact I discovered only AFTER doing my hair). I have never been so grateful for the random coins I usually throw into my bag. Maybe it's also because the minute I got home I opened the wedding budget to input a new quotation and seeing the new grand total made me think my computer had a virus that was affecting the way my excel computed figures, or the fact that I upon adding the figures using a calculator I realised the computer virus was affecting my calculator as well and I started to wail like a traditional mourner. Why virus? Why!!? It may also have to do with the fact that my Zuku bill is due and these days parting with money almost feels like I'm giving away a kidney (ps can you hire those out temporarily? If yes, what's the going rate? Mild curiosity, that's all). 

People, reality is the greatest boxer of all time! KO

On a very random tangent, want to share one of my fav Ali quotes. It was a failed attempt by Joe to trash Ali back after Ali had seriously dissed him. It went:
Joe - You know Mohammed, I saw your wife walking your kid about the other day. He's starting to look more and more like me.
Ali - You calling my boy ugly, Frazier?

Anywho back to life, back to reality. I want to share my emotional arc or rather the continuous emotional roller-coaster planning a wedding takes you through. Planning a wedding can be very exciting, there's the whole I'm excited I'm marrying my best friend, pretty clothes, shiny jewellery, makeovers...but there's also the bills, expectations coming from all corners of the world, family dramas, weird fights with the fiancĂ© (who knew we'd ever have a tiff about colours). My advise to all my fellow brides- stay focussed on the why you are doing this. At the end of the day I just want to be married to Mr. Right, everything else is just the side show.

So onto the emotional roller-coaster...I'm going to attempt to do this in one paragraph  (sorry Grammar Nazis!). 

Oh My God! This is happening, he's proposing! Quick what do I say? What do you mean what do I say? You've been waiting for this for months now! Yeah but what's the word, the one that means I agree..I Know it starts with a Y...Yolk? No that's not it. Oh my God he's staring at me! Why is he looking at me like that? Oh wait, he's waiting for an answer! He has such nice eyes. This is sooo cool! Must tell the Deeva, Girro, Miss Canada, Giggles, Mad Genius, Doc, DHL, Japanese songbird oh  yes and the Shepherdess wait Yes!!! The word is YES!!!! Yes I'll marry you! This is so exciting, must tell everyone! Didn't expect the folks to freak out like that, but it's ok they'll get over it. Let's set a date. September?  too soon. I like Nov...that doesn't work for Mr. Right. Ok let's do Dec= bad for family member A, maybe Jan? We'll all be broke. Feb? Family member B might mind. March? During elections! Are you nuts!? April? Travel plans, May? The rain. June? The cold. July? More cold. August? That's more than a year away! Back to the beginning. Date set, start planning, how much does this cost? What!!? Yeah I know oil prices have gone up but what does that have to do with hiring a venue? You must have this at your wedding and that at your wedding and oh cute puppies! Is it worth all this drama? Date with Mr. Right, bliss...this is why I want to marry him. Call from caterer, price of potatoes have gone up so has quotation. Why didn't I get married in 2009? Dowry negotiations, How much?! I'm eloping!... Ok fine I'm not eloping. Mr. right do you still want to do this? Ok we are back on track! I'm on it like MPs on a salary increment! Oh that dress is so pretty. I need to lose weight to fit into it. Damn I look hot! I'm hideous!  I'm so lucky! Why is this happening to me? What would Martha do? Sister pep talk, I'm good to go...or am I? Trip to the salon, bliss, no money for transport home, not bliss. Tomorrow meeting to discuss wedding Ndendendende....

The End



  1. I love your blog Tina!!!
    I love it, love it, love it!!

  2. Thanks Pink Hearts! I heart you for commenting :-)

  3. "At the end of the day I just want to be married to Mr. Right, everything else is just the side show." :-D

  4. Yep, the bottom line...which was actually somewhere in the middle of the post. So does that make it the middle line?

  5. i love how i can hear you in my head just saying all those things,you are really funny,and am sure you will do just fine:)

  6. oh my goodness,i can hear you saying all this,too funny:)it will be fine dont sweat it:)

    1. Thanks least we know movies have had it right all along...people really do hear the voice of the writer when reading letters! :-)


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