Monday, 12 November 2012

It's a Shoe in

So last week Wednesday I got a call from the lady making my dress asking me to go in for a fitting on Saturday. She asked me to carry the shoes I’d be wearing on the big day so that we could determine the right length of the dress.

Panic ensued seeing as I hadn't given much thought to my shoes (the horror!). I knew I wanted comfortable shoes, a low heel, something cute (that really narrows it down right?) but hadn't taken time to shop around. I should add at this point that I hate shoe shopping (mirror shatters and a French woman standing in the corner faints)…Sad but true. I've only really enjoyed it once when Mr. Right treated me to a spree. I have short wide feet and ladies shoes are designed on the premise that no girl in the world ever inherits her dad’s feet *sigh*.  So I spent my Wednesday lunch break looking around and was reminded once again about my bitter rivalry with the shoe industry (a fierce war that has resulted in a lot of sore feet, broken heels, sweat and tears).

Girro, aka big sis, suggested I check out the wedges at Mr. P. Granted nothing in there looked remotely ‘weddingy’ but they were super comfortable and I spotted a pair at a great price (Kshs 1,600/=). I then got the brilliant idea (yeah all my ideas are brilliant, deal with it) to buy them then change them up to something more befitting the occasion. I'm a musical gal and had wanted either ruby-slipper inspired shoes (bring out the red glitter) or sparkly –silvery-Cinderella shoes (confessions of a girly musical-holic).

So welcome to an exciting episode of PIMP MY SHOES. (Do you think I could get Xzibit to endorse this post?).

 What you’ll need:
  1. Acrylic paint- they come in all kinds of colours, can be diluted in water but once dry become water resistant. I used fabric paint which is basically acrylic paint with a kind of binder that makes it better adapted for cloth). I couldn’t find silver L but bought a pearl white and pearl steel grey and think together I can make the colour I want. You can get these from Kshs 100-150 at Sciencescope, TBC, all those shops on Biashara Street that sell thread, buttons etc.
  2. Paintbrush/sponge
  3. masking tape
  4. any kind of embellishment you want to add and fabric glue ( I added lace appliqué and diamante and used my trusty wood glue).

The fun thing about this is you can pimp out any shoes you have, wedding or no wedding. So how I did it…

I took off the bow on the front of the shoe (saved it because I decided to use it on the back instead).


Stuck masking tape on the parts I didn’t want t get paint on.

Applied my first layer of paint and left it to dry overnight. I used the pearl white on the outside of the shoe and a mix of the white and steel for the inner sole.  Painted the bows the same colour as the inner sole.

I added another two more layers of paint (didn’t want the blue to show through) but with a darker colour you need less layers (e.g the steel grey hardly needed a second layer). Let the shoe dry before applying a new layer. 

I then cut up some lace to get the flowers. You can buy a meter of this stuff for anything from Kshs 50/= to Kshs 750/= depending on the design you want in a store called Scooters on Biashara street. Or you can buy individual flower appliqués in Buttons& Bows at Yaya Centre. I got my meter of  lace for Kshs 120/- and it has lots of flowers so I’m happy. I also got some blue bling (a pack is Kshs 75/=) to add on. These come in a variety of colours. I really wanted the clear bling but for some strange reason ended up picking the blue one.  But I think it turned out nice. I smiled at the shop attendant and he threw in 2 butterflies for me, woop woop! Who says charm won’t get you far in life?

I applied the glue on the flowers/bling and stuck them on the shoe. You should probably plan the layout but I just went with the flow. I only did it on one side of the shoe, think it looks better that way.

I then stuck the bows I’d taken off the front (which are now painted silver) and stuck them on the back using my trusty hot glue gun…I’m sure you could stitch them on but that would be too much work J.


And there you have it…a pimped out shoe. Hardcore! Hehehe. It’s not the hottest shoe out there but I kinda like the idea of wearing a comfy custom-made shoe that is signature-me.

Still haven’t decided what to do with the sole/wedge. Either going to cover it with a silvery lace or silver glitter…only time will tell. But for now let me show you a fun way you can customise any shoe you have…I saw a sticker like this on a shoe and thought it was adorable. Decided to replicate it using glitter glue. You can get a bottle for Kshs 120/- at Sciencescope or TBC…and it can fulfil your something blue quota J

So my parting shot…



  1. wow how awesome!! question... where'd you get a hot glue gun? i need one... congrats btw

    1. Thanks Laura! Unfortunately I got my glue gun from Amazon; a cheap one...see link here.
      I asked a tailor at Kenyatta Market where he got his and he's to finding out if they are still there...the moment I know, you know ;-)

  2. you are so your blog....♥

  3. I love the "something blue" in the I do :) can't wait for the big day.

    1. Neither can I! Next post is a little gift for my gals :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Jules...I'm teaching you how to fish, not giving you the fish :-)

  5. Litu girl, let Jules bring her shoes and have an advocate of the high court of Kenya pimp them!! What's your charge out rate per hour??? You know you're pimping my house, though? Right?

    1. For Shizzle!...The hourly rate applies there too right?

  6. Briiillliiiaaant!! Me thinks the silver lace would look great on the wedge;) Enjoying your blog T and looking forward to more tips! xox

    1. Since you are currently the only voter...your candidate has won! Silver lace it is! Though I'll do it closer to the wedding date otherwise I'll be super bored with the shoes by then :-)


  7. Tina this is impressive!!! I'm not surprised though ;)
    You have a wealth of talent!!!

  8. Amazing! You've always been creative so this is just you being you! Lakini if you make your lingerie... BAS!

  9. As in how do I love it!! Amazing amazing! C


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